I Miss My Old Self…

I miss my old self, when my eyes didn’t need a reason to smile. I was happy to be alive and it showed in everything I did.

My entire existence, I have been known for my enthusiasm for life in general. My first boss was the first to notice it. He mentioned it many a times that he couldn’t believe that I would be so happy just to come to work everyday. This enthusiasm helped me tide over rough period as well. All I had to do was just be myself and good things would eventually happen.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 4.59.09 pm

I don’t think I was ever doing exceedingly well (I mean I was never earning in millions) in my career or even in life but I was happy with my mediocracy. Unlike my peers I was not particularly anxious about future but just lived without any plan whatsoever. I desperately miss this side of me. I want to laugh silly till my stomach aches. I want to think of old incidents and smile for no rhyme or reason. I desire to look at future with joy, hope and positive anticipation.

I hate my current wallowing in self-pity self…Right now I am unable to feel any zest towards life on a day-to-day basis. I somehow move from task to task without any energy or zing. I wish somebody else would live my life for me…I know it is ridiculous to even think like that but I really can’t help voicing it here. I fail to find anything exciting about life right now. All I see is problems waiting to be solved.

Is it mid-life crisis? Possibly yes. In fact, most likely it is mid-life crisis. Isn’t it weird how life changes so dramatically. I really wish I can turn back the clock, not because I want to be younger but because I want to be happier.

Just an update to a few people who visit this blog regularly, I have finally decided to visit a counsellor/therapist to deal with mental health issue. The decision was tough because I have never done it, also because I am from India where these things are generally pushed under the carpet. Frankly, I don’t know anyone who has availed services of a therapist but I really don’t see any other option.I don’t like my present self and I now refuse to live like this. I want a better existence and I shall have it…