The Worst two days of my life

Was it even possible to feel the way I have been for the last two days? Like I am in the pit of the earth and am trying to find my way out of pitch darkness with no direction and end in sight.

I have no idea what is happening to me but I cry at a drop of a hat and without any obvious provocation. I force myself to meet the deadline with tears pouring unabated…it seems to be a constant struggle to maintain calm and composed exterior even as I am collapsing inside. Sometimes I cry in washroom; sometimes I don’t try to even pretend that I am fine and there have been times when I have cried in coffee shop. I seem to have lost total enthusiasm, for everything in life and nothing, practically nothing, excites me. I can say without exaggeration that I am suffering from depression. I have tried not to accept the fact even as it stares directly at me.

What bugs me is that I never thought I’d suffer from depression. I always thoughts it was for weirdos, for people who were not able to take control of their lives. I had no such issue and had always tried to make lemonade from the lemons which life served me with amazing regularity. Even now I can’t see what exactly is the issue but everyday seems like a mountain, which needs to be climbed. And I drag myself one step after another…

Possibly the worst part is that if someone asks me a reason for this I will not be able to provide a single reason for my state of mind. Yes of course I am facing some emotional/relationship problems but is it a reason enough to feel this surge of self pity that I do…I don’t think so. Everybody has emotional issues but of late I have started feeling that nobody wants me, nobody cares for me and it is enough to make me feel like the biggest shit hole in the entire world.

Maybe there is no reason why I feel the way I do but I still can’t help but feel the way I do.